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Introducing our SOLAR JACKET Solution

  • Unique design, especially for off-grid solutions. Fits on any street pole. 

  • 2 sides available for capturing sunlight throughout the daylight hrs.

  • All components such as controller, switch, battery - internally mounted

  • Very low maintenance

  • Vandal resistant

  • Impact and scratch resistant

  • Higher efficiency per installed Solar capacity (Wp) than conventional solutions 


A retrofit for the existing mast structure, which can be easily connected to the mast. It is supported by a 80-185 mm pole diameter.

With the holders specially constructed for this application also masts can be equipped with curved braid. The jacket can be easily mounted on the ground around the mast and be brought up and just as easily dismounted.


  • Security services in disaster areas                                                                                                                                  

  • Supply of small customers, such as light, wireless, cameras, sensors

  • Supporting existing lighting

  • Autonomous Solutions Perimeter Security

Also available as Double Power Jacket:

Doubling the power module and the optional memory when more power is needed.

Connecting possibilities


4 x PoE IEEE Standard max. 90W
2 x 12 V DC

Technical specifications

Module output: 250 Watts Peak
Capacity: 1.250 Watts at 12 V
Weight: approx. 44 kg at 1.250 Watt
Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium
Mast diameter: 78 mm to 180 mm to 400 mm optional

Power Jacket

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