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Sun Tower 1000

The structure of this 1000-Wp-Complete-System is equal to the Sun Tower 500.

With a full module width of 100 cm it returns significantly more power and includes one 6,0 m high Three-Tubes-Stainless-Steel–Pole.

It must be carried out with a boom lift and can not be allocated on the basis of its dimensions.
However, it contains a lot of space for advertising and information boards.

Ideal for


  • Collectors

  • Barrier Systems

  • Complex Monitoring Systems

  • Large-scale Lighting Applications

  • Advertising and information boards


  • Video surveillance, CCTV

  • Barrier systems

  • Illuminating projects

  • Charging stations

  • E–Bike charging stations

  • Traffic monitoring and control systems

  • Speed control systems

  • Supply of parking ticket or ATMs

  • Public WiFi

Connecting possibilities


4 x PoE IEEE Standard max. 90 W
4 x 12 V DC (24/48 V)

Technical specifications


Module output: 1.000 Watts Peak
Capacity: 1.250 Watts at 12 V
Weight: approx. 280 kg at 1.250 Watt
Material: Stainless steel / Aluminium
Width: 130 cm

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